Methods for Casting “Wednesday”

Methods for Casting Wednesday

They’re eerie and bizarre, but Wednesday, Morticia and Gomez’s oldest daughter, is maybe the most spookiest Addams of them. It follows that her status as the star of a hugely successful streaming series is not surprising.

Based on the cherished characters from cartoonist Charles Addams’ 1938 “Addams Family”—which went on to become the basis of numerous TV shows, films, and Broadway musicals—Netflix’s “Wednesday” delves into the adolescent years of the family’s “little black cloud.”

And fans can’t get enough of the program; according to Deadline, when it launched on November 23, 2022, 341.23 million viewing hours were logged in just the first week of the series, shattering the record for streamers. Netflix revealed that the series has been renewed for a second season in January 2023.

With multiple Emmy nominations and four wins in the technical categories, including outstanding comedy series and lead actress in a comedy for star Jenna Ortega, Season 1 was an awards favorite.

Are you hoping to get cast in “Wednesday”? Here’s all the information you need, from open casting calls to audition advice.

What does Wednesday mean?

Tim Burton directed the majority of Season 1 of the Netflix series, which was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (“The Shannara Chronicles,” “Smallville”).

The main focus of “Wednesday” is on the titular girl, Jenna Ortega, during her time at the Nevermore Academy, her mother Morticia’s (Catherine Zeta-Jones) alma mater. Reluctantly enrolling at Nevermore, a private school for so-called “outcasts” (including werewolves, gorgons, and vampires) in Jericho, Vermont, Wednesday was expelled from her former school for throwing live piranhas into the pool as retaliation against the water polo team.

Wednesday clashed with her classmates and teachers throughout Season 1 after realizing she had hidden psychic talents. In the process of investigating a string of enigmatic, paranormal killings, she also found herself in the middle of a romantic triangle.

Ortega talked about the darker tone the second season of the program will take in an interview with Variety. We’ve decided we want to lean into the horror more, but it’s still coming together,” she said. “You don’t want to take yourself too seriously in a show like this with vampires, werewolves, and superpowers because it is so lighthearted.” That’s right—we’re not going to be romantically involved on Wednesday. We’re going to become darker and bolder.

The actor, who gained notoriety from roles in horror movies such as “Scream,” “X,” and “The Babysitter: Killer Queen,” was nominated for an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a SAG Award for her work in Season 1. She has also committed to producing the second season, giving her more artistic control over Wednesday’s evolution as a character.

“We’ve already been exchanging a lot of ideas, and I’m a pretty involved person. I’m curious as to what’s happening,” she said to Variety. “I simply really didn’t want to get Wednesday wrong—she’s such a beloved and legendary character. I therefore make an effort to talk to people as much as I can.

Together with Tim and the writers, we would gather on set and determine what worked and what didn’t. Naturally, it was already highly cooperative. I’m just incredibly intrigued. They allowed me to put on the producer hat, and I want to see the costumes, the scripts, and the new characters that are joining the cast.

Who makes up Wednesday’s cast?

The Season 1 cast consists of:

  • As Wednesday Addams/Goody Addams, Jenna Ortega
  • Morticia Addams, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Guzmán Luis as Gomez Addams
  • Pugsley Addams, played by Isaac Ordonez
  • Lerissa Weems, Principal, played by Gwendoline Christie
  • Valerie Kinbott, played by Riki Lindhome
  • Donovan Galpin, Sheriff, played by Jamie McShane
  • Tyler Galpin played by Hunter Doohan
  • Being Xavier Thorpe, Percy Hynes White
  • Enid Sinclair, played by Emma Myers
  • Eugene Ottinger, played by Moosa Mostafa
  • As Bianca Barclay, Joy Sunday
  • Guy Farmer in the role of Ajax Petropolus
  • As Yoko Tanaka, Naomi J. Ogawa
  • Cindy Ricci in the role of Marilyn Thornhill
  • Uncle Fester, played by Fred Armisen
  • Divina: Johnna Dias-Watson
  • As Thing, Victor Dorobantu
  • As Rowan Laslow, Calum Ross

The entire Season 2 cast has not yet been disclosed by the show’s producers, but we do know that Steve Buscemi will be returning to the role of Nevermore’s principle. After Gwendoline Christie’s character died in the Season 1 finale, his character is taking over (spoiler alert!). Hynes White’s character will be written out of the series, and he will not be making a comeback as a result of accusations of sexual assault.

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Who is Wednesday’s casting director?

The Season 1 ensemble was put together by John Papsidera, Sophie Holland, and Florina Fernandes. According to Papsidera, casting for television is different from casting for movies because more people are typically involved. A TV program with nine writer-producers—as well as a studio and network—just requires a completely different workflow. It’s an inevitable evil.

In his audition room, Papsidera offers performers a few promises. “I want them to feel as though they have a moment and a space to open up a little about themselves. That, in my opinion, is what I do best, and everyone I collaborate with attempts to foster an environment that supports that.

We genuinely appreciate performers, and we want them to feel free to perform to the best of their abilities as soon as they enter the premises and, more especially, the audition room.

“That’s always the objective,” he went on. “I believe you accomplish that by creating a secure environment and by being helpful, cooperative, and present. For me, it’s very important that we act like actors. They should at least expect that, and by having someone take part in it, we want to bring out the best in them.


How is the “Wednesday” casting procedure conducted?

Luis Guzmán stated in an interview with “The Rich Eisen Show” that Burton expressly asked him to portray Gomez, the patriarch of the Addams family. The role was originally played by John Astin in the 1964 television series “The Addams Family,” Raul Julia in Barry Sonnenfeld’s 1991 and 1993 television series “The Addams Family,” and Oscar Isaac in the 2019 animated film directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon.

Tim Burton wanted to talk to you, and I received a call when I was in Cardiff, Wales. Tim Burton, I said in response. Indeed! Guzmán thought back. He said, “Hey, man, we’re doing this thing about the Addams Family,” after we had Zoomed the following day. And I thought, “Whoa, whoa.” Fantastic! I have no idea what will occur next. “I’d love for you to play Gomez,” he continued. I ask myself, “Really? Really? Alright, let’s get started! “

It took even longer to find the appropriate actor to play Wednesday, though. “Beginning a process with so much history and legendary roles surrounding it is always a little intimidating,” Papsidera said to CNN. Given that her father is Hispanic, the casting team desired a Latina actor for the role. (Guzmán is of Puerto Rican descent, as was the late Julia, and Isaac is of Guatemalan and Cuban descent.)

Ortega is of Mexican and Puerto Rican origin, and the casting team knew they had found their Wednesday when they saw him. The fact that the actor had just left the set of Ti West’s slasher movie “X” and had shown up to her audition covered in fake blood and gore didn’t hurt either.

“Prior to [the casting process], I had discussed Jenna extensively,” Papsidera stated. There are very few girls in our world who can both be accomplished in their own right and rank first on the call sheet, let alone manage the pressure of that position. She comes to the forefront of the conversation when you start talking about a young Latina actress.

But before taking a lead, Gough and Millar wanted to exhaust all of their possibilities. But after a thorough investigation, they concluded that Ortega was the ideal actor for the role.

“Any show’s lead becomes your collaborator—they just do,” Gough stated to IndieWire. It is simply unavoidable. And there’s a precision about this character. The way Jenna plays the role, the way the character is written, and the things Tim does are all done with perfection. Because you’re only trying to make sure you’re landing the plane on a very little aircraft carrier in a very big ocean, we all had a lot of chats about it.

Burton also thought Ortega was the ideal pick. The director said to Netflix Queue, “No matter how good the writing was, the show wouldn’t really exist without the right Wednesday.” I am unable to think of another Wednesday. She is able to communicate ideas without using words, much like a silent film actress.

When does “Wednesday” Season 2 filming begin?

Production on the second season is expected to get underway shortly, as the Film & Television Industry Alliance has set April 30 as the start date, according to Screen Rant. Nobody from the cast or crew has verified this information, though.

Production is reportedly shifting to Ireland, according to Deadline. Episode 1 was shot in Romania. Filming for the next episode may take up to six months, if the storyline is followed exactly from the previous season. This means that, at most, Season 2 won’t debut on Netflix until early 2025.


Where are casting calls for “Wednesday” available?

As of right now, there aren’t any official or open notices for the series. Celtic Casting sent out a call for background actors to feature “on the second season of a U.S. hit TV show,” which might very well be “Wednesday,” as Geek Ireland revealed last month.

Twins and triplets are also requested, as well as ethnically diverse adults and teens with “unique looks, quirky styles, [and] edgy traits.” You must be an Irish resident with availability between the end of April and November in order to apply.

While you wait for further information, keep an eye on this list of networks’ open casting calls, which includes HBO and Prime Video. For additional audition tips, see our comprehensive guide to getting cast on a Netflix show.

What are the top audition strategies to get a “Wednesday” role?

Exude confidence in the space. Although nervousness is inevitable, Papsidera prefers confident performers. An actor who enters the audition with a certain level of confidence and does something that isn’t even particularly daring or outrageous as a choice—but has a confidence [that] makes it work—is what he said he looks for.

Be yourself; don’t strive to impress others. Holland claims that a lot of aspirants come in hoping to make a huge impression. However, simply being who you are can make a lasting impression.

“Enter the room and realize that the actor and casting director are working together. We’d like to collaborate on something where you contribute ideas that are carefully considered, planned, and researched—that is, where you’ve given careful consideration to what you want to bring to that role,” she stated.

“A casting director’s excellent memory is one of our greatest assets. When something comes up four years from now, we’ll think about you and bring you in. However, making a conscious effort to stand out is ineffective; you don’t want to be remembered incorrectly!

Determine your areas of expertise. The role will always be associated with Christina Ricci, who co-stars on “Wednesday,” because of her witty, deadpan performance in the 1990s “Addams” movies, which served as a springboard for her career. The actor speaks with expertise having been in the business for decades.

She told us, “I would really advise anyone starting in any field—and definitely in the arts: You should always be open to constructive criticism.” Additionally, identify your own activity and focus on it. Regardless of how peculiar the skill you possess is, if you are the only one who excels at it and does so flawlessly, then Even if they aren’t widely accepted at the moment, play to your strengths.

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