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Fans of Netflix’s teen mystery thriller “Outer Banks,” rejoice! Season 4 of the show is scheduled to debut later this year. When the show debuted during the height of the pandemic, it proved an immediate hit and launched the careers of its young performers, Madison Bailey, Madelyn Cline, and Chase Stokes.

Read this guide, which has all the information you need to join the Kooks or the Pogues, if you’re interested in getting cast on the show.

What does “Outer Banks” entail?

The mystery-drama “Outer Banks” takes place at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The sun-drenched series centers on two competing groups of people: the wealthy Kooks (Rafe, Wheezie, Topper, Kelce, Anna, and Mike) and the working-class Pogues (John B, JJ, Pope, Kiara, and Sarah).

The Pogues embarked on a quest to unravel the mystery surrounding John B.’s father’s abrupt disappearance and the hidden wealth that lay at the center of the case at the beginning of the show. They will be searching for the iconic pirate Blackbeard’s loot in their upcoming expedition.

The show was produced by Shannon Burke and their siblings, Josh and Jonas Pate. They work as executive producers as well. “Outer Banks” started filming in Charleston in May 2019 and debuted on Netflix in April 2020.

Who makes up the “Outer Banks” cast?

Season 4’s new and returning cast members are as follows:

  • posing as John B. Routledge, Chase Stokes
  • Sarah Cameron, played by Madelyn Cline
  • Kiara “Kie” Carrera, played by Madison Bailey
  • Pope Heyward, played by Jonathan Daviss
  • JJ Maybank, played by Rudy Pankow
  • As Cleo, Carlacia Grant
  • Thornton, Austin North as the Topper
  • Rafe Cameron, played by Drew Starkey
  • Sofia played by Fiona Palomo
  • Chandler Groff, played by J. Anthony Crane
  • As Dalia, Pollyanna McIntosh
  • Hollis Robinson, played by Brianna Brown
  • Lightner, played by Rigo Sanchez
  • Ruthie played by Mia Challis
Outer Banks
Outer Banks

Who are the “Outer Banks” casting directors?

For “Outer Banks” Seasons 1 and 2, Carrie Audino, Laura Schiff, Craig and Lisa Mae Fincannon were in charge of casting; Kimberly Wistedt took over in 2023.

AMC’s Emmy-winning “Mad Men” had casts for all six seasons by Audino and Schiff. They also contributed to the popular television shows “Bosch” and “Fear the Walking Dead.” The husband and wife combination of Fincannon & Associates, located in Atlanta, are well-known for casting roles in films such as “The Liberator,” “Looper,” and “Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water.” In the meantime, Wistedt assembled the ensembles for “Robbie Ain’t Right No More” and “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

The casting directors of “Outer Banks” searched for actors that truly clicked while choosing the main cast members. Furthermore, the main characters didn’t care about beauty, even though they had Abercrombie & Fitch-worthy looks.

Refinery29 was informed by Cline, who plays Sarah, John B’s love interest, that “[Pate] wanted people who were honest—real human beings who could portray the type of experiences that were going on in ‘Outer Banks.'” Thus, he selected most of the cast without considering their social media presence. He started X-ing out those who couldn’t make the performance right away, asking questions about their social media usage and things like, “Are they taking a lot of selfies?” What is their method of operation?

Entertainment Weekly’s Rudy Pankow stated that rapport was essential. “On the aircraft [on route to the chemistry read], I got to know Bailey. I recognized Kiara as soon as she boarded the aircraft. Then we began acting in the space, and it happened right away.

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What is the “Outer Banks” casting procedure like?

Pankow revealed to Us Weekly that he had not first tried out for the JJ part. “I was John B. in the first chemical read. I finished reading Rafe, JJ, and John B in about two weeks. Which character [they wanted me to play] was up in the air. “You’re going to be one of these characters,” they told me as they flew me to Charleston, although I wasn’t sure which one.

He went on, “I flew to Charleston thinking, Alright, they want me as John B. The last audition I did in L.A. was John B.” However, it was not the outcome. I basically messed up John B. and thought, ‘Okay, I can enter as JJ.'” Three more scenes were delivered to me, and I became a little anxious.

It didn’t start to make sense until Pankow got to know Stokes and Jonathan Daviss. “It was crazy because I even saw it when I met Chase [at] the next chemistry read,” Pankow remarked. “The day before, [Daviss], who plays Pope, assisted me in finding JJ; it was because of JD that I was able to settle on the current version of JJ in the show.”

The actress who plays Cleo, Carlacia Grant, informed us that self-tape was used for the first leg of auditions. “After the audition, my agency emailed to ask if I wanted to record it. I submitted them self-tapes, but after that, I got nothing at all. However, I noticed that they were constantly switching up the parts and auditioning, so I assumed I didn’t get the part.

After that, she said, “I was meeting with my manager regarding another role for which I was being considered, and she said, ‘They’re still looking for that role on that show that you wanted,'” “So we thought, ‘Let’s simply send the tape again,’ and we did just that. And we sent the identical pages maybe five weeks, or maybe a month later. I then received an email regarding performing a chemical read less than a week later.

Is “Outer Banks” filming right now?

Filming on “Outer Banks” Season 4, which started in November 2023, is almost over, according to Stokes, who told People in March. This means that the show’s filming will probably end in the coming months. For updates, check back here. The fifth season of the show has not yet been renewed.

Outer Banks filming right now
Outer Banks filming right now

Where are casting calls and auditions for “Outer Banks” held?

Although the show isn’t casting right now, in the past the casting team has used Backstage to find actors for supporting and stand-in parts in Season 3. After 12 hours of work, the pay ranged from $132 to $168, including a $50 COVID-19 testing stipend.

Additionally, TW Cast & Recruit CDs Taylor Woodell and Jocabed Aragón shared Seasons 1 and 2 announcements on Facebook. Keep an eye on the company’s page if you’re hoping to get cast in the series.

Check out our guide for additional guidance if you’re curious about what it takes to audition for Netflix. Apply to any of these “Outer Banks”-like projects if you want to strengthen your resume in the interim.

What are the top audition strategies to get a part on “Outer Banks”?

Nothing should be ruled out. Even though Chase Stokes plays John B flawlessly, he didn’t initially pass on the role. Stokes claims he felt something wasn’t quite right when his agency initially wrote him about the concept, pitching it as “four friends on a treasure hunt” with a key character named John B.

He was unemployed when the script was returned to him in February 2019, which made him think twice. He remarked, “I was like, I don’t even care at this point.” It wasn’t a good read for him, though. He remembered, “[It was] probably among the top ten worst auditions I’ve ever had in my life.”

Fortunately, Lisa Mae Fincannon was present. She had previously cast Stokes in “Daytime Divas.” Seeing his ability, she advised him to read the pilot before accepting the position.

To get gigs, you don’t have to reside in Los Angeles. Decider was informed by Stokes that “this was not a job booked out of L.A.; this was a job that was booked in Atlanta; this was Lisa Fincannon who got me this job.” Therefore, for those who believe that traveling to Los Angeles is a must in order to launch their career and that this is the only location where this can be done, Never doubt your value. Never doubt your worth.

The Southeast has enormous strength. Madison Bailey, Madelyn Cline, Drew Starkey, and I are the only members of the cast with Southeast roots; we were all based there at one point. Drew from Atlanta secured the position as Rafe.

Rejection does not always mean the end of the story. Even though you might not land the role for which you auditioned, a CD might keep track of you in the future and ask you to read for additional roles. “Having a database of actors, either in our heads or in a computer, seems like a big part of our job,” Audino said to us.

We wouldn’t be able to perform our jobs if [CDs] had to start over and forget everyone, every episode, every pilot, and every movie. Our ability to recall actors is our greatest asset.

Remind yourself that everything will be alright whether or not you are cast. Grant took a gamble on her audition for “Outer Banks” even though she had no idea what the role would entail. “You won’t receive everything; you won’t receive every single one.

She informed us that sometimes even if you’re the ideal candidate for the role, things won’t work out. However, the right role will find you if you’re trying your hardest, enjoying yourself, and being authentic. Everything will work out.

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