Voting for The Masked Singer in 2023: Register at Home Now

The Masked Singer
The Masked Singer
The Masked Singer

Can you identify the person singing behind a wall that you are unable to see? Well, concealing the competitors’ identities is the main goal of The Masked Singer. Every candidate on this show performs with their faces hidden. And all you have to do is sign up to take part in the voting process for The Masked Singer. You can also predict the competitor to receive a complimentary online voting ticket.

Even though they don’t know who the performer is, this makes everyone watching enjoy them. The only way to identify the competitor is to listen to them intently and recognize their voice. They are completely disguised by their outfits, so you are unable to learn who they are otherwise. You will find some hints from the show that will help you figure out who the singer is.

The series’ ninth episode concluded back in May 2023. The tenth series is about to premiere in September 2023. Prior to moving forward, let us examine a few crucial points.

Show NameThe Masked Singer
Country of OriginUSA
Upcoming Season10th
Premiere Date27th September 2023
No. Of Contestants15-25
Telecasting DayEvery Wednesday
Grand FinaleTBD
Looking forMasked Singer Vote

In July, the Season 10 poster was unveiled. It is a little different this time. We can characterize it as enormous or a little odd. Each letter on the poster has a secret that needs to be discovered. Aside from that, this introduces the Kickoff episode for season 10. Celebrities donned masks for the first time in history to perform, and in the same program, they removed their masks. On September 10, 2023, this episode took place.

Voting of the Masked Singer

Voting of the Masked Singer
Voting of the Masked Singer

The program is modeled after the reality singing competition “King of Mask Singers” in South Korea. The show’s developer, Craig Plestis, said that the first time he watched it, he was staring at the TV instead of thinking about what to eat.

The show will also feature a live vote by the on-camera studio audience. It will be carried out by the audience members in person on the sets. And all it takes to cast a vote is to be present in that live audience. Thus, you are unable to cast a ballot while viewing the show on television at home. The crowd voted in real time during the presentation using electronic voting pads. That’s how you cast your vote for the disguised singer.

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It is also possible to vote from home. How? Now let’s get going on that.

You can determine the level of interest in the show based on your first curiosity about the singer’s identity.

You have to guess their voices to figure out who they are. You can try to guess the voices; I’m not very good at it. Thus, use these methods to vote for the participants and watch the show online.

Engage in The Masked Singer: Mask Verse Loyalty Pass and Cast Your Vote!

Engage in The Masked Singer
Engage in The Masked Singer

The wonderful news is finally coming. You can now vote for your favorite musician while following along with the episode. “The Mask Verse” is the announcement for this.

  • There is an option called “The Mask Verse” on the official platform.
  • The option to redeem the complimentary loyalty pass can be found in the upper left corner.
  • You can cast weekly votes for the masked singer with this loyalty pass.
  • In addition to voting, you might win some thrilling incentives.
  • With this loyalty card, you can take part in surveys and have a chance to experience some special access.
  • Simply press the “Claim now” button.
  • After that, you’ll be directed to the mask verse page of the loyalty pass, where you can guess the masked vocalist ahead of time and participate.
  • All you have to do is sign up and retrieve your pass, which will then appear on your profile.
  • You will be sent to the main profile page where the pass will be added to your profile after logging in as instructed.
  • You can now cast a ballot and post it on Twitter or Facebook.

The Singer voting polls with a mask

You really are a superfan if you are looking for the voting polls and you want to take part in the masked singer voting. You may now determine who among the competitors is the most and least popular with the use of polls. You have unquestionably gained a loyalty pass to vote in mask verse if you are casting a ballot. You may now proceed. The following round of performers is this one. Cast your ballot right away!

Use the app to sign up to vote for The Masked Singer

The program is inviting all of its ardent followers to cast their votes for the season’s participants from the comfort of their own homes. This time, the season 10 home audience will be present rather than the live studio audience.

The Zoom app will be used to register voters for this election. The requirements to finish the voting registration process are as follows.

Use the app to sign up to vote for The Masked Singer
Use the app to sign up to vote for The Masked Singer
  • You must first comply with the voting method’s rules.
  • You can register if you live in the United States and observe Pacific Standard Time.
  • As the live-home audience, you must register using a private email address and select the date you would want to attend.
  • After that, you’ll be taken to the Zoom app signup page.
  • Sign up for a session.
  • Following registration, you will receive a comprehensive consent form that you must sign in order to be eligible to vote. You must also agree to all terms on the form in order to proceed.
  • You will then get a confirmation after your documents are received.
  • Your pre-select voting event day will come with a password and a link that is password-protected.
  • After entering the password, you must log in to the link.
  • Your registration for the masked singer voting is therefore finished.

The show’s format

Casting a bunch of celebrities to compete against one another is the show’s central idea. These famous people are forced to compete in a singing duel while wearing masks. Students are required to sing a song of their choice in their natural voice. The panelists and the in-person audiences score them after each performance.

The victor of the duel advances to the next round, while the loser must face elimination. Subsequently, the panelists select the individuals who will not proceed on this adventure and are required to disclose their name.

This process keeps going until a winner is chosen and makes their identify known. You will receive clues from their pre-recorded interviews, though. You can either watch this show, where you can enjoy these singers without knowing who they are, or you can guess from there. This time, the show’s format is simply making a U-turn. Three competitors will perform together this time, and only one will be crowned the champion. That artist is going to continue.

10. Online Voting for The Masked Singer

The public voting was not available for the previous few seasons. But now you have an opportunity to vote via winning a loyalty pass. Get the pass, and you’ll be able to guess the artist and cast an online vote. If you make the right guess, you can also earn some thrilling rewards.

There is an additional voting method.

This time, viewers may vote from home. Observe the procedure and take part in the online voting from your home.

To apply for the live audience, take the following actions:

  1. Visit Fox official website.
  2. Select the “Live audience tickets” option by clicking.
  3. Your screen will load the new webpage.
  4. Next, press the “submit info” button.
  5. There will be a dialog box that asks you to enter the information.
  6. Simply press the submit button after that.

This is how Masked Singer 10 online voting works. The date of the show’s premiere is September 27, 2023. On September 10, 2023, a special episode dubbed Kickoff Episode will air before that. Fox broadcasts it every Wednesday at 8/7c.

Themes for the episode will be named as follows:

  • Trolls Evening
  • Harry Potter After Dark
  • I want to spend the night rocking.
  • John Elton
  • NFL Football Night
  • One-Hit Wonders
  • Disco
  • 2000s Evening
  • My Life’s Soundtrack

Masked Singer 10: Voting Results for the Eliminated Contestants

The person who fails the task each week will be in danger. And each week, they can be kicked out one by one based on votes. There will only be one Masked Singer champion in the end. We will continuously update all the information regarding the list of vote-out contestants here.

Contestants are split up into three groups this time: Group A has five contestants, while Groups B and C each have four contestants. Each member of the B and C groups will perform one wild card entry. There will be participants performing every week. Only the winner who receives the most votes will advance; the other contestants will have to disrobe in order to exit the show. Now view the results of the masked singer voting.

Masked Singer
Masked Singer

Vote Off Tonight, masked vocalist

A few artists compete each week, and only one is chosen to advance. According to the format, three will perform every week, the public will evict one or two, and the jury will then vote them off. You can now participate in the online audience. Raise a glass of champagne for your preferred Masked competitor and help him win with your votes. Tonight, let’s see who gets voted off.

Contestants who have been eliminated will shortly be shown here.

Fans of the Show at Home

Season 6 of The Mask Singer premiered on September 22, 2021. And up until the very end, that season was among the greatest of all. Season 5 of the previous season attracted the most amount of viewers. Between eight and nine million people watched the show in prior seasons. But it was really big in Season 5. Identify the answer? How many people will watch the future season?

There are already 281 million viewers of The Masked’s fourth season. Such rapid expansion. It indicates that sows are becoming more and more well-liked. The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth seasons were equally amazing. You’ll see that Season 10 is going to be the greatest yet this time around.

Download the Masked Singer Vote app

As of right now, we’ve learned that voters can easily obtain a free loyalty pass by casting their ballots on the Fox website. Aside from that, the Zoom app was one method made available for voting in 2020.

There isn’t any confirmation regarding the app as of now. However, use your free loyalty pass to cast your ballot.

In conclusion

Guys, season 10 will either have an even greater impact than season 9 or at least equal it. A fresh season featuring new contestants but the same judges, format, and enthusiasm. We saw how it was done in season two. Additionally, there was online audience polling following season 4. There will be a comparable event in season 10. The specifics of how to vote for the performer in the Masked Singer contest are covered in the page above. We appreciate your presence and encourage you to check back for more recent information.

FAQs Regarding Season 10 of The Mask

Will season 10 of The Masked Singer air?
Yes, season ten will air. Though the official premiere date has not yet been revealed, season 10 audience filming has begun.

Is voting possible for The Masked Singer?
The opportunity to vote for their favorite performance is provided to the show’s audience. They can only use the vote pads they hold in their hands to do it on the show.

Exists an app where users can vote for the competitors?
No, there isn’t a voting app as of yet. Show viewers, however, hold the power of the vote. Using electronic voting pads, they can cast their ballots for the top performance.

In Season 10, will there be a virtual viewership?
We are aware of the global COVID-19 pandemic issue. However, the shows are now being filmed, however several alterations have been made, one of which being the addition of a virtual audience. Since The Maskerade Singer’s earlier seasons lacked a virtual audience. It’s possible that some audiences will adhere to certain protocols.

How can I vote using a mask at home?
This function is intended for the viewers of the show at home. Only from their homes, they can use the app to cast their vote for the competitor.

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