Earn $3,500 for a product commercial on landscaping with other casting calls in Los Angeles

Earn 3500 for a product commercial

We update this roundup weekly to feature gigs that are currently popular in California. We’ve gathered the top opportunities now seeking talent, from casting calls in Los Angeles to projects recruiting in the Bay Area. This week’s offerings include a funny lifestyle commercial that pays up to $3,500 and a short film about a dine-and-dash. For additional information and to apply, view our complete list of L.A. casting and beyond. Additionally, save this page to your bookmarks for other chances and future open casting calls in California.

Earn $3,500 for a product commercial
Earn $3,500 for a product commercial

Commercial for Legal Professional

Talent for client testimonials is requested in an internet advertisement for a family law company. The show is searching for a white male actor between the ages of 35 and 50 to play a CEO, Thirty to thirty-five year old black or multiethnic man ability to portray a professional athlete, plus more. On March 11, in Newport Beach, California, there will be filming. For a three-hour shoot, talent will receive $500.

A humorous lifestyle advertisement

Talent for a humorous lifestyle ad targeting women between the ages of 30 and 45 is needed. For the role of a suburban mother gushing about a landscape product, the company is looking for someone with expertise doing Pilates and a hilarious voice. The five-day shoot is scheduled for Temecula, California, from March 15–30. Talent will receive daily compensation of $500–$700, or a maximum of $3,500.

Dine and Ditch – A Love Story” is a short film

Talent is needed for the short film “Dine and Ditch — A Love Story.” In the story, a couple at a restaurant with subpar service is thinking about not paying the bill. Male and female actors between the ages of 18 and 50 are sought after for the roles of the production’s square James and fierce and dangerous Trish, respectively. In Los Angeles, California, there is shooting. Talent is going to get $200 a day.

Film Short: Crybaby

Two lead roles in the short film “Crybaby” are open to talented candidates. In the bleak future depicted in the science fiction tale, there is only one individual who is still capable of crying. The play is looking for female actors between the ages of 20 and 35 to play the protagonist, who is weeping and trying to find a way to stop, as well as the protagonist’s older sister and carer. We’ll be filming in San Diego, California, from March 16–18. Talent will receive a daily salary of $150–200.

The Down to Doxy internet commercial

Talent is sought for a video advertisement for DoxyPEP, an antibiotic that supports sexual health. The play is looking for trans women of mixed ethnicities, between the ages of 18 and 40, who speak Spanish and English well, as well as trans men of the same age who speak Spanish and English fluently. California is the shooting location. For a ten-hour day, talent will be paid between $1,000 and $1,400, in addition to a $25 wardrobe allowance and a 20% agency fee.

Paul Weller’s Music Video

Talent is needed for recording artist Paul Weller’s music video. Weller is well known as the lead singer of the UK punk band The Jam. The project is searching for 44-year-old male actors who are Asian, Middle Eastern, or White to play eerie secret agents like to those in “The Matrix.” March 16–17, Los Angeles, California, is the shooting dates. $500 will be given to the talent for a 12-hour shoot.

Golf Lifestyle Photography

The sports apparel and accessories firm Ghost Golf is looking for modelling talent between the ages of 21 and 35 for a lifestyle photo session. Applications from talented golfers are encouraged. South Orange County, California, is the shooting location. $300 will be given to the talent for a six-hour shoot.

Feature Film: Into the Black

Talent is being sought for the lead and supporting roles in the feature film “Into the Black.” From the start of the couple’s romance to its conclusion 25 years later, the story chronicles their romantic journey. The company is looking for Black male and female talent between the ages of 23 and 30 to play the wise Ike and 20 to 30 to play the beautiful and clever Imani, among other roles. Mid-September to early-October is the shooting window in San Bernardino and Los Angeles, California. Depending on the position and talent’s expertise, the daily compensation will range from $100 to $1,000.

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Film Short: Are You Serious?

Are You Serious? is a short film that seeks talent. The comedy centres on a misfortunate librarian. The play is looking for male actors who are 25–30 years old and can play any of the following roles: Black, Indigenous Peoples, Latino, Middle Eastern, White, or Multiethnic; Melvin, who is a good friend but also a fool; and Black, Black, Indigenous Peoples, Latino, Middle Eastern, White, or Multiethnic; these actors can play the roles of Christy, who is perceptive and aware. March 9 in Los Angeles, California is the day of shooting. For an 8-hour shot and a 2-hour Zoom rehearsal, talent will receive $250.

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