Calling All Stars! Big Brother Casting Now Open (Tips & Info)

big brother auditions
big brother auditions

In the “Big Brother” house, audio and video equipment is always on, and participants can live with 12 others for up to 100 days in an attempt to win $750,000.

Season 26 of “Big Brother” is currently casting. Do you feel up to the task?

The CBS casting website states that the venerable reality TV program is currently taking applications for its upcoming class of housemates. If you’re interested in auditioning, be aware of the potential responsibilities. In “Big Brother,” a lot of cameras and microphones are employed.

August saw the debut of the 25th season of the popular game show, which featured new games and a new house theme called “Big Brother Multiverse.” Florida is home to three of the season 25 competitors.

Reality TV star Tyler Crispen, who played on “Big Brother” during seasons 20 and 22 in 2020 during all-stars, spoke with the Cincinnati Enquirer in August 2023 about his experiences and advice from his time in the house. Despite finishing in second and sixth place, respectively, he is nevertheless enthusiastic by the exhibition and the prospects that accompanied the widespread publicity.

“I gave ‘Big Brother 20’ 110% of my effort,” said Crispen. “Everyday, I was thinking about what I needed to do. I was running through 15 different relationships in my head every single night.”

Crispen expressed his “insane gratitude” for being invited to the house twice. “With my skill set from ‘Big Brother,’ I kind of felt that could translate already” to another program, he said of the reality TV experience that opened up more opportunities for him. The former Ohio lifeguard gained 25 pounds after putting in hard training for “The Challenge: USA,” an MTV spin-off of “The Challenge,” following two stints on “Big Brother.”

Big Brother Casting Now Open
Big Brother Casting

Here are some details about the reality TV contest, advice for the audition, and what to anticipate at the “Big Brother” home.

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Big Brother Casting: Understanding the Show’s Format

Welcome to the ultimate social experiment! Big Brother, hosted by Julie Chen Moonves, throws a group of strangers together in a Los Angeles house for 100 days. Living with constant surveillance (94 cameras, 113 microphones!), privacy goes out the window. Alliances form, backstabbing ensues, and one houseguest gets evicted each week.

Big Brother Casting Now Open
Big Brother Casting Now Open

Can you handle the pressure? Survive the drama? The last one standing wins a cool $750,000!

How do you audition for ‘Big Brother’ reality TV show on CBS?

While there are sporadic in-person open casting sessions, producers strongly advise all interested parties to apply online at or Get ready to post a video and pictures of yourself. If you’ve been chosen for final interviews or “call-backs,” producers will get in touch with you.

Big Brother Audition Age limit

The casting website for “Big Brother” states that applicants for season 26 must be at least 21 on June 1, 2023.

What should you bring to an audition for the reality show “Big Brother”?

Do you think competing on “Big Brother” would be a good fit for you? According to the casting website, “The producers are seeking a dynamic group of people who are interesting, articulate, and show enthusiasm for the project. They also want people who are willing to share their most personal thoughts in an open forum with strangers.” These people must match the program’s technological standards as well as possess the physical, psychological, and mental stamina to withstand unusual circumstances for up to 100 days in a monitored home.

Big Brother
Big Brother

Two-time “Big Brother” contestant Tyler Crispen stated in an interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer that he would go back and reconsider one tactical choice: “If I did have a regret on ‘Big Brother,’ it would probably be on ‘All-Stars.'” not entering with the appropriate attitude. Personally, I don’t think I was doing well at the time. I was coping with some mental health concerns while COVID was going on. If I could go back in time, I would have taken care of that before entering the “Big Brother” house so that I wouldn’t have to deal with it in the most intensely pressure-filled setting imaginable.”

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Big Brother Casting: When to Expect Results?

Following online application submission, the casting website provides the following estimated timeframes and details regarding “call-backs”:

Candidates that advance to the following stage may receive phone notifications as early as March or as late as May.

The creators of “Big Brother” will not get in touch with every applicant due to the large number of applications. By June 30, if producers had not contacted candidates, “then unfortunately you did not make it on to the next round this season.”

Big Brother 2024 Filming Schedule

The official casting website for “Big Brother” states that the specific dates for filming the upcoming season are TBA. Typically, move-in dates fall between mid-June and July 1. Those who are selected as houseguests should be prepared to remain in Los Angeles through mid-September.

Reasons to Audition for Big Brother

Reflecting on his Big Brother experience five years later, Crispen expressed pride in his younger self. “Competing at 23 was crazy, but I’m glad I did it,” he said. “It’s a blessing, and I only have happy memories.”

However, when asked about returning to the house, Crispen offered valuable advice: “Avoid getting fixated. Big Brother is a game, and you need to be adaptable. It’s easy to obsess over past moves, but staying true to yourself and your initial strategy is key. If you can adapt and move with the flow while maintaining your integrity, you’ll have a good shot at success.”

He emphasized the unique nature of the experience: “Big Brother is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you’re lucky enough to return, just enjoy it!”

Big Brother Casting Requirements/Eligibility

Big Brother auditions
Big Brother auditions

Who can apply?

  • US citizen over 21 (as of June 1st, 2023)
  • Excellent physical & mental health
  • Willing to live in a monitored house with strangers (approx. 100 days)
  • No prior political candidacy (or plans to run)
  • Available for interviews in Los Angeles

What to expect:

  • Background checks
  • Medical & psychological exams
  • Video application & interview

Selection process:

  • Producers choose finalists from online applications
  • Finalists may be interviewed in person

Additional notes:

  • Travel expenses (for interviews) are your responsibility (except final selection).
  • The house is constantly recorded & observed.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Decisions are final.

Good luck!

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