How Palm Royale-Style Shows Are Cast

How Palm Royale Style Shows Are Cast

Palm Royale by Abe Sylvia is generating excitement prior to its March 20 launch on Apple TV+. The star-studded ensemble from the limited series surpasses even its retro-glam style. Starring well-known performers including Laura Dern and Allison Janney, the series is helmed by “Saturday Night Live” alum Kristin Wiig and is based on Juliet McDaniel’s best-selling book “Mr. and Mrs. American Pie.” Even Bruce Dern, Laura Dern‘s father, and legendary Carol Burnett make cameo appearances! We have the inside scoop for anyone curious about how a project like this is cast.

How Palm Royale-Style Shows Are Cast
How Palm Royale-Style Shows Are Cast

We’ll break down the requirements to get cast on a show like “Palm Royale” in this guide, along with tips from the show’s top talent and insider knowledge from the casting directors with years of experience.

What does “Palm Royale” entail?

The upscale Palm Beach club Palm Royale is the setting for the limited series. Our underdog must reclaim her identity after being shunned by her spouse and social group while Maxine Simmons (Kristen Wiig) rises to the top of high society in 1969. Maxine must decide how much of her personal life she is willing to give up in order to attain the life and social standing she wants as she moves up this metaphorical ladder.

Who plays the characters in “Palm Royale”?

Palm Royale” features an all-star cast that includes:

  • Maxine Simmons, played by Kristen Wiig
  • Robert, played by Ricky Martin
  • As Douglas D’ellacourt Simmons, Josh Lucas
  • Dinah Donahue, played by Leslie Bibb
  • Linda Shaw, played by Laura Dern
  • Evelyn Rollins, played by Allison Janney
  • Mary Jones, played by Julia Duffy Davidsoul
  • Miki Gerber played Kaia.
  • Raquel Jordan Bridges played by Claudia Ferri as Perry Donahue
  • Grayman, played by Dominic Burgess
  • Eddie, played by Jason Canela
  • Ann Holiday, played by Mindy Cohn
  • Tatiana Bellina as Rita
  • Tom, played by Rick Cosnett Sanka
  • Benny Barnhill, played by Wesley Mann
  • Norma D’ellacourt, played by Carol Burnett
  • Bruce Dern in the role of Skeet
Palm Royale
Palm Royale

Who is “Palm Royale” casting director?

On “Palm Royale,” Kerry Barden and Paul Schnee from Barden/Schnee Casting, Inc. play CDs.

Barden and Schnee have noticed a rise in self-tapes since the pandemic, but Barden stated that his standards remain the same: you have to be prepared to listen if you want to succeed.

Barden said, “You should be able to process the notes you’re getting, incorporate them, and then make changes to what you did on the first take.” We are well aware that actors have mental blockages. Sometimes they will act in the same way if they have a notion of what they want to achieve and carry it out without listening to advice on how to change the character. Simply enjoy the moments that follow your initial take and let yourself fall back into the character’s discovery; it’s a crucial transition for your subsequent take.

He went on, “They also usually deal with readers, so they will need to adjust their approach to the scene a little bit by listening to the reader and what the reader is throwing at them.” “I believe that the ability to listen and then incorporate what one is experiencing, hearing, and being given” is the most crucial talent for an actor.

How is the “Palm Royale” casting procedure conducted?

A comedian of the calibre of Burnett doesn’t need to try out. And being aware of the storyline? For her, though, knowing the cast comes first. “I just had to hear who was going to be in it: Kristen [Wiig], Laura [Dern], Ricky [Martin]—it’s just an amazing cast,” Burnett said to Deadline. Not even the script was read by me. I wanted to get to know these people and collaborate with them. We enjoyed a great time over dinner. Of course, I’m unconscious for the first few episodes, but I still got paid. Thus, it was obvious.

She does, of course, have some humour. “I was kidding earlier, but I did read the script.” Reading the script and knowing that the directors and I could have a good time together because of the way it was written I am allowed to do what I do. They really did play doctors, she continued. “Well, playing doctor [with Ricky] was in the script, which I know sounds kind of lascivious.” “In certain scenes, Ricky was pure bliss.”

Don’t give up if you don’t get a part with Barden and Schnee straight away if you don’t have decades of expertise. “I’ll keep bringing someone in forever; I don’t care how long it takes,” Schnee said to us. Therefore, the opportunity might not end there if you create an impact but don’t get the role.

Schnee said, “I will never stop calling in someone whose work I appreciate.” “I don’t really have a time restriction. I understand that it’s subjective because every filmmaker and casting director has a different taste. My habit of being unprepared, consistently running late, or generally being unpleasant and impolite keeps me from calling people in on a regular basis. I don’t care how long someone goes without making a reservation as long as the work is excellent.

Additionally, being strange doesn’t hurt. Really, it’s just a gut instinct. What interests me draws me in,” Schnee continued. Someone to whom I simply reply directly. I suppose I just prefer unconventional actors—actors that don’t look like they walked straight out of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue. I enjoy actors that don’t appear or act like actors; for example, if I saw them at Fairway, I would have to second-guess where I’ve seen them before. It’s the seeming intelligence, thoughtfulness, and even quirky quality that makes actors and comedians appealing to me. I enjoy the unusual.

Where may one locate comparable auditions and casting calls?

As “Palm Royale” is a limited series, a second season is not planned. Nevertheless, since the streamer is still putting out excellent material, AppleTV+ does have its chances.

Check out our tutorial here to find out how to audition for a movie or series on AppleTV+. For the most recent open casting calls and auditions, bookmark our main casting page as well as this list of streaming opportunities..

auditions and casting
auditions and casting

What are the greatest ways to succeed in an audition to get a part in “Palm Royale”?
Cherish your work and pursue your passions: Barden spends his days interacting with performers at many stages of their careers, but he always advises starting with a love for what you do, regardless of experience level. “There are just so many people out there who want to do it, and it’s a difficult journey,” he remarked. “Acting is a crucial skill for actors to possess. They should attend readings, classes, locate a coach they adore, and network with other actors because they are part of an artistic community. Although it is generally supportive, it may be highly competitive. It seems to me that actors are expecting that their pals find employment.

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“Look at other people’s work as well; when you’re ready for an audition, it’s very simple to access a director’s work.” In addition to having a script, you should also be aware of the director’s past work and preferred tone, if applicable, said Barden. “Anything can be Googled these days. This man came in and he killed it as the paramedic in one of the little but crucial roles I was playing for a movie called “Shot.” “How did you make this so specific?” I asked. He said, “I Googled it.” I was unaware of the duties of a paramedic. Saying lines is not enough. Although my mother is not an actor, she can deliver lines.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. As Lucas once reminded us, you never know when you might need to let go and loosen up to seize an incredible chance. The actor clarified, “The idea [is to] take the work super seriously and take yourself less seriously.” “As a young actor, I truly believe that I struggled and felt like, ‘I’m serious, I’m serious.'” And I’m like, “Well, that wasn’t very helpful.” However, treating the assignment seriously did assist me.

“I’ve worked on two films with Christian Bale, who is undoubtedly among the world’s best actors. He’s a fantastic man. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he is modest and really serious about his work and approach,” he went on. “And I’ve discovered that the best actors I’ve ever worked with can also be incredibly nice, kind people and a lot of fun.”

Be in the company of like-minded individuals: We should always be having conversations with individuals about acting, as Bibb stated. I simply don’t think we’ll ever fully understand it. There’s always room for improvement. Read a play together as a group with your friends. You know, see a lot of movies—go to the theatre and take in a film.”

Janney has expressed a similar view to Bibb, saying that interacting with your peers on a proactive basis fosters both your and their growth, and you never know where it could go. “Continue to learn improv or scene study classes, or stay active in a community of people who share your interests,” Janney advised. Participate in a theatre group and surround yourself with like-minded individuals at all times. You never know who you’ll run across or who will introduce you to someone who can help you go in the proper path.

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